We are excited to continue your weight loss journey with you through the OPTIforLife™ program. 

The OPTIforLife™ program is designed to give those who have completed the active weight loss phase of the OPTIFAST® program under medical supervision easy access to OPTIFAST® products and support right at your fingertips. Multiple options are available to you, including a free package that gives you access to OPTIFAST® products, meal plans, and videos. 

We also offer other comprehensive packages that include live, virtual support through classes and 1:1 appointments. 

Please choose from one of the three package options below to join the OPTIforLife™ program and continue on your journey! All packages will give you access to the MY OPTIFAST® JOURNEY™ app.

Are you actively trying to lose weight? Find a clinic where you can enroll in the active OPTIFAST®  weight loss program.